Why Work With Us?

Nepal – A Source Country for Manpower Supply

Nepal – A Himalayan country lies in between the People’s Republica of China in the Northern side and rest with India, with an area of 47,181 sq km. it has about 30 millions people. A country well known as a land of the world’s highest summit – Mount Everest and birth place of Holy Lord Buddha with alluring snow- capped mountains and intersting ora and faung. Nepalese are well known for their bravery around the world. They are serving under British Gurkha Army, Singapore Police and Gurkha Regiments in India. Due to these reasons large number of ex-British Gurkhas are serving in different ministeries of Brunei, Singapore and India as well. On the other hand, a sizeable number of Nepalese workers have been working with utmoust sincerity and diligence in Gulf-region and the countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Hongkong, Macau, South Korea, etc for decades. The employers around the globe have appreciated their service.

Hiring Nepalese Workers- Some Tangible Bene ts

Nepalese workers are familiar for their honesty and hard work. They have created a notable reputation since they were dispatched to work abroad, The following points itself explain about some tangible bene ts of hiring Nepalese workers:

  • Nepalese workers are capable to working in the discrete climate.
  • They are loyal, faithful, peace loving and disciplined to their job and the employers.
  • They are ef cient ,productive and hard working.
  • They can communicate in English and Hindi as foreginlanguages.
  • Nepal is situated very close to the labor importingcountries and linked by air with all the major cities ofthe world.
  • The employers can enjoy wider range of choice due toavailability of skilled, semi skilled, and unskilled workerswith immediate placement.
  • Procedures and formalities for employment are simple.
  • Nepalese workers are comparatively cost effective.