Harka Sapkota (Chairman)

Greetings from the Himalayan Country Nepal !!!

First of all, I would like to extend my gratitude greetings to all concerned, especially to my clients foreign employment seekers and well-wishers.

Let’s all not forget that foreign employment and remittance have become the backbone of the national economy since the last several years.

I, as the Managing Director of Skill Zone Consultancy, consider it our pride to introduce this organization as one of the prominent and outstanding manpower agencies of this country. Duty registered at the Departnent of Labour, Government of Nepal, for the legal recruitment of Nepalese workers, this organization has been well-set up and well- organized with experienced and determined staggers, and nancially sound investors. As mentioned earlier, this organization has productively maintained its status and fame despite any hurdles. Finally, let me take this opportuinity to thank both our foreign employment agencies and internal parties who have regularly remained in touch with us for the promotion and support for the growth of this organization.

Mr. Harka Sapkota
Managing Director