Manpower in Nepal

The introduction of Nepalese manpower working in abroad started from 1814 Ad when they were begun to be enlisted in the British Gurkha Army to different British empire locations like Hong Kong, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, and United Kingdom. From then on, while they are renowned for their bravery and loyalty, Nepalese manpower are in ever greater demand everywhere.

As a result of the fame and with the advent of newer job opportunities in Middle-East and other countries, Nepalese manpower be Nepali workers in foreign countries came on top preference over many other nationals. And ever since they have proved themselves able to do their designated jobs in an effective manner.

Through all of these years demand for workers from Nepal is growing at a phenomenal rate and are beginning to be demanded for specialized work categories. Now they are no longer only demanded as labors but equally impressive number of workers are going for high-end jobs demanding specializations.

The reasons, we believe, why Nepalese workers are preferred could be that Nepalese workers can go through rigorous work conditions, are loyal and carry a high sense of moral. They are also comparatively cost effective and can be supplied in any number. Nepali is also situated very close to the Gulf and easily linked by air with almost all the major cities of the world.