Available Job Categories


Construction Engineering Sector

Engineers Supervisors (Civil Technical) Foremen (Technical/Civil Electricians/Welders
Plumbers (Pipe Fitter)

Carpenters (Finishing/Shuttering) Painter (Building)
Mason (Plaster/Tile/Brick)
Steel Fixer/Fabricators/Labours

Hospitality/Retail Sector

Manager (Of cial/Public Relation etc) Of cers (Executive/personnel etc) Operators (Phone/Fax/Computer etc) Accountants

Secretaries (Of cial/Personal) Sales-Man/Supervisors
Marketing Executive
Store Keeper/House Keeper
Cook (Indian/Chinese/Continental/Italian) Restaurant Captains/Waiters/Barman

Security Guards

Security Of cer (Ex British Gurkha) Security Guards (Ex Indian and Nepal Army) Watchman

Logistics Sector

Driver (Heavy & Light vehicle) Trailer Grader/Bulldozer/Shovel Crane Operator Scraper/Excavator/Fork-Lift Operator Mechanics (Diesel & Petrol)

Manufacturing Sector

Production Operator Factory Labour

Health-Care Sector

Paramedicals Hospital Admin Staff